​​Queen City Brewing

834 Springhill Rd. Staunton, VA.

A sample of whats on tap!


April 2020 Hours:

Wednesday 4-8 

Thursday: 4-8

Friday: 4-8

Saturday: 2-8

Sunday 1-6

Wall Jumper 4.5% Our crisp south-of-the-border lager.

Gypsy Gold 4.7% Smooth and easy on the palate.

Smitten Rabbit 4.2% A delightful cream ale.

Rosamunde 5% Munich style lager.

Staunton Steam(Punk) 4.2% A warm-fermented lager that is slightly malty.

Bronx Cheer 5% Our raspberry wheat.

White Rabbit 4.9% Pale ale with a bit of Apricot.

Billy 'da Goat 5.5% Bavarian style bock.

Backseat Maibach 6% A malty bock with hints of caramel.

The Blackfriar 5.7% Our belgian ale brings rich flavor with just a hint of sweet.

Trinity 9.2% Big, malty, flavorful trippel belgian ale.

O'Hara 4.3% An Irish red ale.

Celtic Rune 4.5% Full malt range with a slight bitter finish.

Speckled Rooster 5% British ale with just a hint of a tangy afterbite. Our tribute to the more famous speckled bird.

Jackelope 11% More grain, more hops, more alcohol. Pale ale with quite a bite.

Brass Knuckle 5.5% The ol' standard IPA. Nothing standard about this one.

Falstaff's Revenge 6.7% Big, bold, caramel and citrus IPA.

Bionic Rabbit 6.7% A more piney take on an IPA.

King Rabbit 9.5% An imperial IPA.

Bam-ba-lam 5.5% A dark porter with a hint of chocolate and the sweetness of caramel.

Strikethru Scottish 7.5% Scottish ale with a kick.

Black Rabbit 5.3% The stout to which all the other rabbits owe their name. A slightly bitter stout with quite a body.

Lunch Money 5.3% A milk stout so smooth and creamy.

Daddy Rabbit 7.5% A rich and full bodied imperial stout.

Alternate Beverage

Hard-Pressed Apple 6.8% Sweet and delicious this ale is more cidery than ale-y!

Hard-Pressed Cranberry 7% Like our Hard-Pressed-Apple Ale but with cranberries!

Hard-Pressed Ginger 6.2% This ginger beer is perfectly sweet and blended with spices to have you asking for more.

Diamond Sparkling Sangria 7.0% A notoriously easy drinking wonderfully tasty treat featuring Peach, White Grape and hints of Cinnamon

Ruby Sparkling Sangria 7.0% Beautifully Paired Blackberry, Raspberry and Strawberry in a NON BEER TASTING BEVERAGE! Enjoy!