Coronada 4.5% This lager is very crisp and is sure to satisfy you all year long! 

Munich Lager 5.0% A pale lager with a hint of bitterness to please any palate.

American Steam 3.8% A full boddied lager with slight bitter undertones.

Gypsy Gold 4.7% A pale bodied, smooth, crisp beer easy on the palate. Our "Gold Standard".

Smitten Rabbit 4.2% Ahh. Young love. This delicate, creamy ale, will set your heart aflame.

Speckled Rooster 5.0% A Classic British Ale presenting a tangy after bite. Our tribute to  the other speckled bird.

Grapefruit Shandy 4.5% Ah! So Refreshing! Smooth pale ale with bursts of Grapefruit around every corner!

Pace-Maker 5.0% This lemon-infused pale ale will hit you with ale and clobber you with a lemon.

O' Shandy 6.5% This pale ale is packed with orange and bitterness. Finishing with a nice wheaty finish!

Belgian Ale 5.7% A rich, slightly sweet ale with a even mix of  hops to satisfy almost any palate.

Trippel Belgian 9.2% A Belgian style ale with a mighty kick.  Trippel the Malt, Trippel the fun… Car keys, please.

Brass Knuckle IPA 5.5% Prepare for a full frontal mouth hit with some serious Cascade Dry-hop. 

Bionic Rabbit 6.8% This IPA is brewed with the bittering and aromatic Glacier hop and smooth Crystal grains.

Falstaff's Revenge 6.7% An unrestrained indulgence of hops, the biggest ale you'll ever love.

Jackalope 11.0% Legendary India Pale Ale. Like the Jackalope some think it is a legend but this beer will make it VERY real.

King Rabbit IPA 9.5% Born of Noble Hop and Malt lineage.  An IPA that says "hear me roar", Or whatever rabbits say.

Blueberry Wheat 5.0% A wheat beer with subtle blueberry flavor and dryness. 

Raspberry Wheat 5.0% A fresh red raspberry flavor is blended perfectly into this wheat beer.

Aprct White Rabbit 4.9% A pale ale with an infusion of apricot favor. Perfectly refreshing for Spring and Summer!

Bavarian Bock 5.5% A Dark Lager (who knew!), with a nice roasted malt flavor finishing with a slight sweetness.

Scotch Ale 80 4.9% Dark in color, this beer is characterized by its roasted malty flavor.

Milk Stout 6.0% A unique Lactose based brew, smooth like cream ale but full bodied like a stout.

Black Rabbit Stout 5.3% Dark and Hoppy! That’s a Black Rabbit. Our tribute to that famous Irish Stout from over the pond.

Daddy Rabbit 7.5% Brewed with more grains in it than the owner has kids,It’s the Daddy of Imperial Stouts.


Tap List

Alternate Beverage

Apple 7.0% Sweet and delicious this ale is more cidery than any!

Cranberry 7.0% Like our Hard-Pressed-Apple Ale but with a twist of cranberry!

Ginger 6.2% This ginger beer is perfectly sweet and blended with spices to have you asking for more.

White Sangria 7.0% A notoriously easy drinking wonderfully tasty treat featuring Peach, White Grape and hints of Cinnamon

Blackberry Sangria 7.0% Beautifully Paired Blackberry, Grape and Strawberry Flavors in a NON BEER TASTING BEVERAGE! Enjoy!

Ale-tail Mimosa 7.0% Orange and Pineapple paired in a very crisp and Champegne dry Flavor! 

Ale-tail PinaColoada  7.0% Coconut Goodness! Sorry No Ice and Blender…


Brewery Hours:

Tuesday - Thursday: 4-10

Friday: 4-Midnight

Saturday: Noon-10